According to the site, their drives are unrecoverable and they don't have access to a backup. So... they are asking the users how much money they had to pay them AND deadline to report is January 30!

Let's see how that goes. I'm sure none of you knows exactly how much money had in the account, as it's constantly fluctuating with claims, but give it a try and fill out their form to see if they pay you.

"It is with regret we inform you that after the diagnostics performed by our engineers we have found the damage to be too severe, deeming this case unrecoverable.
- SSD doesn't detect because of a failed controller chip
- Controller model: SM2258H
- There is no support for this controller model in the data recovery industry"

Due to this situation we will process to the liquidation of balances, fill out the form with the required informations.

Last date for filling the form is: 30-01-2022

—The ExpressCrypto Team