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  • Account, IPs and Devices

    • You should provide a real email address you own to register an account.
    • Your password should be kept safe. We are not liable for any loss of accounts.
    • Your account's email and password should never be sold or share.
    • Your account username is public and might be listed in the website.
    • You are not allowed to register or login through a VPN, Proxy, TOR, LAN group or any other public/shared network intended to hide your real IP address or device.
    • You should register and login using a personal device and IP address.
    • You are not allowed to register multiple accounts.
    • Your account should be the only one registered and logged in through your device or IP address.
    • You are not allowed to use software, applications, extensions, scripts, add-ons or any other type of automation or blocking system to bypass functionality on the website, including but not limited to human validation challenges, third-party links and advertisements.
    • Attemps to modify, block or overload the website may result in permanent ban.
    • You are not allowed to impersonate as owner or member of Criptologico.
    • You agree to receive periodic emails from Criptologico.
  • RCoins, RCodes and Listed Sites

    • An RCoin has no real monetary value and is intended to be use only at Criptologico.
    • RCode refers to the referral code provided to you by another sites through a referral link.
    • Criptologico reserves the right to change RCoin rewards at any time.
    • Criptologico reserves the right to temporary disable Rcodes of inactive users (10 or more days without faucet claims). RCodes and RCoins won't be removed. Will remain inactive until the user claims the faucet again.
    • Criptologico reserves the right to change RCode prices at any time.
      In case of decreasing a price, Criptologico will not refund user's that already paid for the RCode.
      In case of increasing a price, Criptologico will not charge extra RCoins to user's that already paid for the RCode.
      Exceptional cases of mistakes while pricing a listed site might lead in the refund of the spent RCoins to all users that purchased the RCode.
    • You are not allowed to use your RCodes in more than one account. When detecting this cases we will proceed to the elimination of such RCodes with no RCoin refund.
    • RCoin payments are non refundable.
    • When an accoudisable payments are non refundable.
    • Criptologico reserves the right to modify the way the RCode is picked when redirecting a user without prior notice.
    • Criptologico does not own the listed sites, promoted links, nor the content provided through advertisements. The use of such content, links and sites is at the user's own discretion and risk. Criptologico is not responsible for any losses or damage generated through them.
  • Content

    • None of the content written in Criptologico, including but not limited to tools, comments, articles, descriptions, posts, listed sites, strategies and articles, is financial advise nor investment suggestion.
    • All content is published in good faith to help users discover the benefits of cryptology in general, by providing them a variety of existing sites related to the subject and the possibility to access referral and affiliate benefits through our system.
    • All content is provided as is, and users should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or any other sort of advice to check how Criptologico information and the listed sites relates to their unique circumstances.
  • Affiliate Program

    • You are allowed to affiliate an unlimited number of individuals.
    • Benefits of the affiliate program are subject to change without prior notice.
    • You are not allowed to send unsolicited mail or messages to encourage the use of your affiliate link.
  • Liability

    • We are not liable for damages done due to any acts of God, fire, natural disasters or anything we have no control over.
    • We reserve the right to modify the terms of service at any time without notice.

Updated on: April 6th 2022

We kindly request our users not to intentionally defamate Criptologico without reasons.