How To Make Money On Betfury is a crypto gambling platform that's been around since 2018. On top of the typical casino and sport betting services, it has some unique ways to make consistent extra profit:

  • BFG -custom token- that you can farm and stake for daily rewards
  • 20 minutes high paying faucets to get BTC, BFG and BNB

How to register

I would much appreciate if you could use this link to create a new account. The process is straightforward. You can even sign up using Telegram, GMail or one of your wallets. No KYC needed.

Boxes - Part I: How much you can make without investment

After registering, you can start claiming the free boxes every 20 minutes:

As you can see, it pays really well considering it's a free faucet with just an hCaptcha challenge.

Also, once you reach 10 BFG, you will start earning a daily staking reward based on the amount of BFG you hold. And that bring us to the second way of earning.

BFG Token: buy or mine to get a daily income

While the free boxes are great, sometimes you'll want to go a bit further.

By holding BFG tokens, you'll get paid a daily reward based on the site's profit and the number of BFG staked. I see it like owning stocks of a casino. Been 'the house' for once is nice!

As an example, nowadays you are getting around 0.01 USD (paid in BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB and TRX) for every 200 BFG you have.

1 BFG is worth ~$0.02 USD. That means that an investment of 100 USD will buy you around 4634 BFG, and you'll get 0.23 USD per day in return, which equals 83.74 USD/year.

Yes. A return of 83.74% per year:

Of course, this is subject to change based on the things I mentioned: site's daily profit and BFG mined/staked. Also, your investment will grow or decrease with BFG token price changes.

How to Buy BFG

My strategy is simple: I buy BFG every week, trying to dollar cost average my investment.

BFG is a BSC (BEP20) token, so I use Biswap to buy it and I transfer it to BetFury. If you've never used Biswapconsider using my link and you'll get a 10% return of your commision fees.

But buying BFG and claiming the free boxes are not the only ways of getting your hands on the token. You can also go for a wagering strategy to mine it.

How to Mine BFG

By betting on BetFury casino games, you'll be mining BFG that will be instantly added to your account. Keep in mind that the minimum bet amount to be able to mine the token is 0.01 USD (in any currency but BFG). Any bet under that threshold won't give you BFG returns.

A nice strategy is doing high probability (90~95%) bets in dice. Some martingales for a short period might work too. Also games like Circle and Crash are really good options.

As of today, you'll get 1 BFG for every 4.94 USD wagered (aprox). Mining difficult is increased over time and it's linked to BTC, so it's actually measured in satoshis. I'm converting it to USD for illustration purposes.

Boxes - Part II

Another high APY is given by the 'paid' boxes. But, you can only gain small amounts with them since are limited to of each per account.

If you are depositing to wager, consider using one of the cryptos listed in the Available Boxes section, as you can grab a 15% monthly return by buying one of them. You won't get a lot of money out of it, but it's worth using it when possible.

As you can see, I just bough a Chainlink box for 0.05 LINK, and I will get a profit of 0.0075 LINK. Also, you can withdraw the available amount at any time. There's no need to wait until the 'Finish Date'.

Blockchain Bridge

One of the great things about BetFury is that it supports more than 45 cryptocurrencies, giving you a lot of alternatives to fund your account. On top of that, it allows multiple blockchains: native ones (BTC, DOGE, LTC, etc.), BSC BEP-20, ERC-20, TRC-20 and Polygon/Matic, and I'm sure that more will be added soon.

So you have cheap gas fee networks, low withdraw minimum amounts, and you can usually deposit through one network and withdraw using a different one, so it can be used as a blockchain bridge to move some crypto from one network to another one.