RCode is just an abbreviation for Referral Code.
We use it to represent any Referral Codes/Links for other websites and to avoid confusions with our Affiliate Program.
You can add your RCode to any site and we will promote it. Each site has it's own price set in RCoins.
RCoin is Criptologico internal currency and it has no monetary value.
You can get them as an extra reward every time you claim our instant faucet.
Then, you can use them to add your RCode to a site.
Every time a user clicks on a link to visit an external site, we redirect him using a randomly picked RCode from the ones available.
If yours is picked and the visitor registers on the site, he will become your referral.
That's why we encourage users to visit faucets and sites through our links. By doing so, the whole community benefits.
The system picks one of the following groups randomly, with the specified probability:
  • 25.00% - Affiliate Program (user who brought him to the site)
  • 20.00% - Random User
  • 10.00% - Leaderboard (1st Place User)
  • 7.00% - Leaderboard (2nd Place User)
  • 4.50% - Leaderboard (3rd Place User)
  • 2.50% - Leaderboard (4th Place User)
  • 1.00% - Leaderboard (5th Place User)
  • 30.00% - Criptologico

As you can see, 70% of the redirects are done with user's RCodes, and you can increase your promotion rate by:
  • Reaching the top of our Leaderboard
  • Bringing new users to Criptologico through our Affiliate Program

Fallback/Contingencies: When there is no RCode available for the selected group, the system will keep searching until fulfilling the request.

  1. User A clicks to sign up on Site ABC.
  2. The system randomly picks Leaderboard 3rd Place User, but such User doesn't have an RCode for Site ABC.
  3. The system randomly picks Affiliate Program, but User A wasn't refered by any user.
  4. The system randomly picks Random User, and loops until finding a user that has an RCode for Site ABC.
In the extreme odd case that no one added an RCode for the site (not even us), the user is redirected without a referral code.
Important: The groups are picked randomly, but when Random User is hit, the system loops through them based on the last one used. This is to ensure everyone gets their RCodes displayed.
It's hard to say, as it's based on:
  • Number of users that added an RCode for that site
  • Number of users that visit that site through our links

Your RCode statistics are available in the site, which help you keep track of the hits although it doesn't guarantee that the user fulffill a claim or sign up process.